So you want to Whimsy?


Some Whimsy is, for the first time ever, opening its doors to eager applicants interested in the opportunity to open their own Some Whimsy franchise.

What does it mean to own a franchise of an online t shirt shop? It means a lot. As part of your duties as franchise owner, you will be involved in board meetings and internationally located retreats where we will challenge the meaning of art. On your own, you will create new and potentially exciting content on the semi-regular, which you’ll have the opportunity to sell under the Some Whimsy conglomerate umbrella.


While we don’t require any experience in screen printing or art production, there is an application to fill out, which requires applicants to complete a series of increasingly challenging dares. Additionally, we require a personal essay and one letter of recommendation. Applications will be accepted from late May and will be considered on a rolling basis.


A full application will be available shortly, but in the meantime register your interest by filling out this form.

Alexandre Polise