Hey friends,

A little update from your favorite whimsical pals: we’ve been failing a lot lately.

Yes, from figuring out how to get liquid photoemulsion to a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean to navigating Monzo’s inexplicable predisposition to losing mail, the challenges we’ve faced have been as eclectic and whimsical as our tshirts.

One of the main things we hoped to get out of Some Whimsy was an understanding of what kinds of obstacles a young business can encounter, so in that sense we expected to fail and to learn from those failures in a low-risk environment.

I’ve always suspected that there’s one personality trait that drives success more than any of the others and that is an ability to persist despite failure. Here’s the funny thing: you have to be completely delusional to follow that path to success.

Let’s say for now that success of an individual within a group can be characterized as the conviction of a large portion of the people in that group in the value of the individual. So the unsuccessful individual’s necessity to gaining success is to convince the people around him of his value.

And without believing in one’s own greatness, in one’s one value, how can one expect anyone else to believe in it?

Failure is ok. Failure helps us grow. But the beginning of any new journey is wrought with failure as the honest truth is that you’re completely naïve and unprepared, and to weather that failure with a persistent belief that you are great, that you are valuable to your target market defies any logic.

So here we are, in the midst of a whole-hearted attempt to be blissfully bonkers: visiting every single art store in Malta looking for a printing screen; developing screen after screen, one washing away, underexposed, the next stained permanently from leaving photoemulsion remover on it to dry; hand-writing a thank you message to a customer only to forget to put it in the package; standing at the edge of the roof holding a screen in the last bits of fading sunlight. And all the while repeating, “I am good at this, I am creating value.”

Like I said, delusional.

Anyway, thanks to those of you who are willing to join us in our delusion, with your help we are slowly slowly slowly making it a reality.

<3 U

-Alex & Miura

Miura Hawkins