We're doing it.


We’re all going through the same thing.

This April marks the five year anniversary of our college graduation. Like good graduates looking for transferable skills, both Miura and I sought masters degrees of engineering in Europe. Miura fled to Zürich, I fled to London. Three years later, we found ourselves software engineers - well paid, international young adults: buying things, going vegetarian and going on holidays, but feeling endlessly bored. We felt bored of being logical. We felt bored of backlit rectangles. We felt bored of envisioning the ideas of others instead of acting on our own impulses.

It sounds like a familiar story because it is — our generation is having a moment. After years of swimming forward with our corporate work, we’re coming up for air and realising that what we’re doing isn’t making us happy. In fact, it’s making us sad. Dehydrated, even.

Some Whimsy is our brain child. As avid writers and illustrators, we have a lot of material that we think looks good when printed in thick, black lines on t shirts.

We make what we want to wear and hope you’ll like it too.