Introducing the Whim Wham


Introducing the Whim Wham

Tell us what to draw

We’ve got a new kind of t-shirt coming your way: one that you’ve made with us.

Introducing the Whim Wham: each month, we’ll ask you to submit an idea for a t-shirt that you want made. The idea can be as abstract or as concrete as you want it to be (e.g. ブルー, canoes, the sound that rain makes when it hits a tin roof) — your idea can even be in different languages, drawings themselves, photographs or links to YouTube videos. We’ll take pretty much anything.

We’ll look through the submissions at the end of each month and pick a winner. Then, Miura and I will go off and interpret the winning submission as we see fit. We won’t talk to each other until we’re done, and then we’ll reveal our designs to each other and to you. You’ll be able to buy both or either shirt on the site.

The winning submission gets a free shirt on us!

It’s well known that constraints make us more creative.

We want to share the artistic process with you so that we can make the most creative designs possible. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Want to submit an idea for this month? Head here.

<3 U,

Miura and Alex

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